Hinako Sakuraoka
Certified Pre-trainer GYROTONIC® GYROKINESIS® pre-trainer in Duesseldorf and Berlin

Hinako Sakuraoka

Hinako Sakuraoka





Ballet, Contemporary Dancer, Singer

Certified GYROTONIC® Pretrainer & GYROKINESIS® Pretrainer


GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Trainer at Primus PhysioTraining


GYROTONIC® Pretrainer Update

GYROKINESIS® Pretrainer Update

Essensial to Spinal motion (GYROKINESIS®)

Level 2 GYROTONIC®both formats courses

Therapeutic application of GYROTONIC® in Shoulder Girdle, Scoliosis, Pelvic Girdle

GYROKINESIS® Level 2 Beginners

GYROKINESIS® Level 2 with Juliu Horvath


GYROKINESIS® Breathing course with Juliu Horvath

Past Engagements:
Dresden Semperoper (2007) Trainee
Deutsche Oper am Rhein (2007-2009) Ballett Ensemble
Poznan Opera - teatr wielki w poznaniu (2009-2011) Coryphee
Musik theater im Revier (2011) Ballett Ensemble
Bernd Lanzke Theater production (2011)

Theater Hagen (2011-2013) Guest Dancer

Das Phantom der Oper-Musical in Hamburg (2013-2015) Ballet ensemble and cover Meg Giry

Deutsche Oper am Rhein (2016-2017) Opera dancer in "Der Graf von Luxembourg"

I was born on 1988 in Tokyo Japan. As a little girl when I was 2 years old, I saw the musical CATS and fell in love with it. Since then, I wanted to be on stage and perform. Till 11 years old I was in Japan, taking dance/singing/acting lessons, doing musicals and commercials.

Every summer my parents would take me to London or New York and I attended summer programs for musical theater.

It was my dream to go abroad... When I turned 11 years old, I went abroad to study in New York. Why NY? Because it's the BIG center for musical theater! I wanted to get the best training for everything. Until I was 15 years old, I went to Professional Children's School and took class in signing/dancing/acting.

Something happened when i was 15, I got accepted to one of the prestigious ballet school in America called Kirov Academy of Ballet in Washington D.C.

I wasn't going to miss this opportunity to study there. In fact, I thought I could always do musicals after ballet but ballet I would have to do now. Plus, it is the base for every dance genre. I studied in this school for 4 years till I graduated.

Luckily, I have landed a job in Dresden Semperoper as an apprentice dancer there. Summer of 2007 I moved to Germany. After being there for 4 months, Deutsche Oper am Rhein Ballett called me to offer me a full contract. There I danced for 2 years under the director Youri Vamos.

Then, 2 years in Opera house in Poland (Poznan) as demi-soloist. After that, I have guested in many different companies including Gelsenkirchen, Bernd Lanzke Tanz Theater, and Hagen Theater.

At the moment, I am exploring new talents in my life. Since October I have been working with Das Phantom der Oper in Hamburg. I was very lucky to land a job as cover for Meg Giry and as dance ensemble. I get to sing and dance in this musical.

After two years of working in Phantom, I am ready to take new steps in life.

I am back in Duesseldorf since October 2015 to teach again at PRIMUS physio Training and am PRETRAINER for GYROTONIC® .

I am excited to start teaching the teachers courses for (pretraning) this wonderful system.

My experience for GYROTONIC® began in Dresden. One of the dancer had certification to teach and I learned from her almost everyday! I knew it already then that I wanted to teach this also in the future. I started my teacher's training with GYROKINESIS® . I was certified in Muenstertal in Germany and there I had a great opportunity to work with Juliu Horvath himself, (the Founder) for two weeks intensive course and again in Bali for Gyrokinesis level 2 course with him.

I believe that this system is for everyone. It can be used as rehabilitation or also training for athletes or ballet dancers. I hope to see you in my class. I always give my best in each session!

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