Hinako Sakuraoka Certified GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® pre-trainer in Duesseldorf and Berlin

Teachers Training Dates- Ausbildung Datum

GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Pre-Trainings 2019

GYROTONIC® Pre-Trainings

25.08.19-30.08.19 in DUESSELDORF at Ke-Raum

24.09.19-29.09.19 in BERLIN at Studio Berlin

07.10.19-13.10.19 in BERLIN

16.12.19-21.19 in BERLIN

06.01.20-11.01.20 in BERLIN

17.01.20-26.01.20 in BERLIN

07.02.20-12.02.20 in in DUESSELDORFat Ke-Raum

18.02.20-23.02.20 in BERLIN

08.03.20-13.03.20 in BERLIN

22.03.20-27.03.20 in DUESSELDORFat Ke-Raum

21.04.20-26.04.20 in DUESSELDORFat Ke-Raum

21.05.20-26.05.20 in DUESSELDORF at Ke-Raum

29.05.20-03.06.20 in DUESSELDORF at Ke-Raum

13.07.20-18.07.20 in DUESSELDORF at Ke-Raum

Kosten/Costs: 850 Euro

Studio-Gebühr/Studio Costs: 150 Euro

Language: English, German, also possible in Japanese

GYROKINESIS® Pre-Trainings

07.02.20-12.02.20  in DUESSELDORF at Ke-Raum

21.02.20-26.02.20 in DUESSELDORF at Ke-Raum

23.03.20-28.03.20 in DUESSELDORF at Ke-Raum

12.04.20-17.04.20  in DUESSELDORF at Ke-Raum

08.05.20- in DUESSELDORF at Ke-Raum

05.06.20-10.06.20 in DUESSELDORF  at Ke-Raum

Kosten/Costs: 550 Euro

Studio-Gebühr/Studio Costs:  150 Euro

Language: English, German, also possible in Japanese

Please ask me if you would like to do Gyrotonic or Gyrokinesis Pre-Trainings during these dates!

You can also request a date that would fit you the best, and the location!

Below is the Address of my Düsseldorf Studio

Harfstrasse 51
40591 Duesseldorf 

Below is the address of Berlin Studio
Gotenstrasse 63
10829 Berlin

Depending on how many people are in the pre-training, the location in Berlin might change. 

REVIEWS from my students!

  • Hinako san was teacher for my Gyrotonic level 1 Pre-Training course from 18th-23rd of July 2017. After finishing the pre-training course I am definitely recommending anyone who has desire to become a teacher in Gyrotonic to contact Hinako san. Way she teaches Gyrotonic is very clear, how she explains each and everything has logic, though works with your imagination so you would understand meaning of the movement with your own body. She speaks English, Japanese and German fluently as well. She creates this warm encouraging atmosphere in the studio that you can ask her questions without feeling silly or embarrassed, even if it might be a simple silly question she was super patient to answer. Also I really liked working with Hinako san because she knows how to work people, she can push you, to make you perform the best. You will not find the way to give in, if you work with her :) Great teacher!
  • Just had a wonderful Pretraining experience with Hinako Sakuraoka at Primusphysio!! She is precise, motivating, clear and fun!! I feel very lucky to have had this opportunity to learn Gyrotonic with Hinako!!
  • Hinako is a very good teacher. She works precise with us and she has a lot of patience.